Gaming Moments

Edmonton, Canada, 2008-2009: When I began working for legendary game studio BioWare in 2008, I thought I had it all. Instead, I slowly woke up to the realization that I was living someone else’s dream. Gaming Moments started as a videogame blog, but turned into a discussion on travel and the value of small-scale food, thanks to the community of producers at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market.

A Toothbrush for Nerds

I don’t know about you, but there are days I wake up and feel like I’m living in my own future. So lately I’ve been plagued with gum problems because of plaque. My dentist recommended I get an electric toothbrush, ...

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Making games for taxi drivers

I developed a financially unhealthy habit of taking cabs in Shanghai, and have been unable to shake the addiction once in Montreal; even here in Edmonton, I still cab on occasion. Thing is, I love taxi drivers. They meet all ...

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Life at BioWare – July 2008

One of my purposes in creating this blog has been to write about my work. I have been doing very little of that in the last months, and there’s a simple reason for this: I’m working on an unannounced project, ...

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How I love Portal? Let me count the ways

I played Portal for the first time a few months back, and loved every bit of it. This weekend, however, I found myself playing it again after I showed it to my friend Flint. I sat by him as he ...

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Call of Duty: Back to World War Two? Really?

I was originally reticent to pick up Call of Duty 4. I felt giving the cinematic shooter a modern setting would be pushing it squarely into the realm of glorification of war. But as the reviews started pouring in, I ...

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