Gaming Moments

Edmonton, Canada, 2008-2009: When I began working for legendary game studio BioWare in 2008, I thought I had it all. Instead, I slowly woke up to the realization that I was living someone else’s dream. Gaming Moments started as a videogame blog, but turned into a discussion on travel and the value of small-scale food, thanks to the community of producers at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market.

100 Things to Eat Before You Die

Found this list on the web… Meant to be a list of 100 things anyone should eat before one dies. Let’s see how if I’m ready to die yet! The stuff I ate is in bold. 1. Venison 2. Nettle ...

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Braid is Art

Heard of Braid? It’s an Xbox Live Arcade game, going for low price of $15. Notably, it is currently the highest-rated Xbox Live Arcade game ever. Is it deserved? Yes, a thousand times yes. The only way I can describe ...

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What’s the Opposite of Homesick?

I’ve been rereading my old blog entries from when I was back in Shanghai, and it’s starting to hit me: I miss being out of my comfort zone. Edmonton is really nice, and quite comfortable so far (granted, this is ...

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Protesting the Olympic Protests

Let me make one thing very clear off the start: yes, China has issues with human rights, and its treatment of Tibet and Xinjiang independentists is an important issue. That being said, I have a major problem with the way ...

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Weird stuff I’ve eaten

With the arrival of the Olympics, it seems like every journalist is busy scouring the hutongs of Beijing looking for stuff that will challenge their definition of food. I’m actually a bit miffed at that, because focusing on the stuff ...

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