China Moments

Shanghai, 2003-2006: In early 2003, I quit an IT job to follow my dreams of living abroad. Fortune smiled on me, and I landed my first job in the videogame industry at Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio. China Moments, my first blog, documented my first expatriation experience and my obsession with the craft of videogames.

Surreal Concert Tickets

When I try to explain why I like the weirdness of Shanghai, it’s difficult to give a specific example. It’s not so much that you get used to small, precise cases of weirdness; rather, you get used to different weird ...

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The big travel circle that took me to Los Angeles and through Montreal on the way back is now complete: I’m back in Shanghai after two weeks that felt like months away. I’m at a loss to sum up my ...

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My Life as a Rock Star

Whew! It’s been an insanely busy week, and I’m glad it’s all over. If you’ve been wondering how Splinter Cell Double Agent has been doing, let’s just say the reaction has been truly amazing. We have received amazed compliments from ...

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The Last Hours

As the E3 Producer, it’s been my task to carefully plan the E3 demo, so that we would finish with time to spare, and could relax in the last days. As my team, the rest of the guys have been ...

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Nosebleed Spicy

I’m in the closing moments of the E3 project right now, which means we’re all getting cranky, barking at each other a little, and generally being fed up with this project and not able to wait for it to be ...

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