China Moments

Shanghai, 2003-2006: In early 2003, I quit an IT job to follow my dreams of living abroad. Fortune smiled on me, and I landed my first job in the videogame industry at Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio. China Moments, my first blog, documented my first expatriation experience and my obsession with the craft of videogames.

At Last… A New Apartment!

After a long and tedious search, Hélène, 西施 (Xi Shi) and I finally moved in to a new apartment. Needless to say, there was much rejoicing! To say the search has been tiring is an understatement… It took two agents ...

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Shanghai Short Stories

Hey! Again, sorry for slacking on the blog front. I’ve been working hard, mostly, and re-adjusting to life in Shanghai (didn’t take me long, believe me!) Also, Helene and I finally found a new apartment, and we will be moving ...

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That Hollywood Thing

Long time no write! Thank you for your patience in reading this blog; it feels like I haven’t written here in ages. Truth is, I have been working for weeks on end, with nary time off in sight. For one ...

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It’s a Godzilla Night

Some facts: It’s Friday night at 10h30 PM, and Helene is sleeping because she’s exhausted from her first week at work. My buddy Chris picked up a copy of Godzilla: Final Wars for me, which is possibly the best DVD ...

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Stop Worrying and Love the Typhoon

Long time no post! I got swallowed up by a storm… No, no, not Typhoon Matsa! That went just fine. I’m just buried under work this week. I was gonna post an update last weekend to reassure everybody that we ...

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