China Moments

Shanghai, 2003-2006: In early 2003, I quit an IT job to follow my dreams of living abroad. Fortune smiled on me, and I landed my first job in the videogame industry at Ubisoft’s Shanghai studio. China Moments, my first blog, documented my first expatriation experience and my obsession with the craft of videogames.

Happy New Year!

Helene and I are spending our last day in Ho Chi Minh City, as our plane back to Shanghai leaves tonight at 1 AM. Helene is doing some last-minute shopping, and I take the time to make one last post ...

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Post-Backpackerism: Follow-Up

Julie, a young Quebecoise currently backpacking around Southeast Asia, reacted yesterday to my post titled Post-Backpackerism. Allow me to trans-quote: I’m divided. I wouldn’t go so far as to call you a snob, because there’s a few things you said on ...

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The Celine Curse

(With apologies to my dear mother, who is also named Celine… This has nothing to do with her!) I have a travel-related curse. I hear Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On in every country I visit. Every single one. ...

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After spending three days outside of Ho Chi Minh City, Helene and I are now stationed in Pham Ngu Lao, the “backpacker central” of Vietnam. It’s a stark, and rather unwelcome, contrast to being pleasantly lost in the Mekong Delta. ...

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Getting Lost in Vietnam

Merry Christmas from Saigon! Helene and I just returned to Ho Chi Minh-City where we intend to spend the last leg of our trip. Vietnam thus far has been an exhilarating, fantastic adventure, and I’m glad we decided to come. ...

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