The Backpack Foodie

The World, 2009-2011: Helene and I sold everything we owned, and in September 2009, we hit the road. The result was a year-long Slow trip filled with wonders, friendships, and delicious meals. Somewhere over a cup of coffee, the Way of Slow Travel was born.

The Friends Who Fed Me

To the rebels and iconoclasts of the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market who fed me over the last year: bless you one and all!

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Out of the Matrix, Into the Light

We are more than our bank accounts. Let's see what happens when we act as human beings first, consumers second.

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The Cost of the First Step

Newly unemployed and trying to sell everything, the Backpack Foodie ponders how his upcoming trip will change everything.

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Life’s Precious Mistakes

Whether in Hangzhou or in Edmonton, the mistakes we make in life are often the most precious aspects of it.

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Drenched in Elegance

A day spent in Vienna reveals its impossible elegance.

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