The Backpack Foodie

The World, 2009-2011: Helene and I sold everything we owned, and in September 2009, we hit the road. The result was a year-long Slow trip filled with wonders, friendships, and delicious meals. Somewhere over a cup of coffee, the Way of Slow Travel was born.

  • Heaven at Land’s End

    A land of plenty, a bountiful market, friends, golden mangoes and delicious, fresh fish. ...

  • The Bagels of Mile End

    The Backpack Foodie discusses the legendary Montreal bagels, and the multicultural community that ga...

  • India Calling

    Two cities: Singapore and Melaka. Two dining experiences. One desire: India. ...

  • Drenched in Elegance

    A day spent in Vienna reveals its impossible elegance. ...

  • A Brief History of Poutine

    In all the ways that matter, poutine is Québec. This article discusses the origins, variations and c...

The Rice People

In Chennai, South India, the Tamil reinvent rice into a variety of delicious, healthy dishes.

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Debu Takes His Time

A visit to the exceptional Honey Bee Bakery & Pizzeria in Puri, India, where time slows down.

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I’m a Travel Blog Dork!

A big thank you to the awesome Off-Track Planet for making me an official Travel Blog Dork! I am honored by the title, and immensely flattered by their words.

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The Milk Alchemist

Learning to make ghee and Indian sweets with Manick, a tea stall owner in Kolkata, India.

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Life in Exuberance: Kolkata Moments

First impressions of Kolkata, India, in the form of one-paragraph short stories.

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