Gaming Moments

Edmonton, Canada, 2008-2009: When I began working for legendary game studio BioWare in 2008, I thought I had it all. Instead, I slowly woke up to the realization that I was living someone else’s dream. Gaming Moments started as a videogame blog, but turned into a discussion on travel and the value of small-scale food, thanks to the community of producers at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market.

The Vegetarian Experiment: Conclusions

Back in January, I decided to go off meat for 3 months in what I called The Vegetarian Experiment. It turns out I didn’t last 3 months; but I definitely feel the experiment was a success. Here are a few ...

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A Vegetarian with a Gun

Sunday morning, my shoulder will feel sore as hell. It’s getting punched repeatedly by a merciless bully. The bully’s name? .300 Winchester Magnum. I line up my shot, remembering not to lean forward too close to the rifle’s sight; I ...

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My Bucket List

A few days ago, one of my contacts on Facebook posted a generic bucket list, which people were invited to check depending on what they did. My friend John was quick to remark to me that it was a pretty ...

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Vegediaries: Day 30

Wow, has it been a month already into my vegetarian experiment? One month is long enough to start forming habits, and my vegetarianism is no exception. The simple fact is, I barely think about it anymore. As a matter of ...

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I Shot a Gun (And I Liked It)

“We’ve never shot before. We’re looking for something fairly small, just to get a feel for it.” “9 mil,” answers the cashier without hesitation. She’s Asian, petite and cute, in her early twenties. “Right! Ok. But we’d also like something ...

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