Monthly Archives: March 2006

On Chinese Character Tattoos

(Photo: “Dai Zi,” meaning ‘idiot’.) Thinking of getting a Chinese character as a tattoo? My sincere advice to you: Don’t do it! Chinese character tattoos appear exotic and mysterious to many people in the West, but after two years in ...

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X360: First Impressions

The X360 has been plugged in now for 4 days, and I (and definitely Helene) had time to take it for a spin. Overall, the X360 is a very good console. It’s impressive out of the box, before you even ...

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It’s Here

Shipping an X360 from Montreal to Shanghai: 4 days, $60 USD Getting an X360 through the bureaucracy of Chinese customs: 4 days, $30 USD Just goes to show that the main problem when going from point A to point B ...

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